Call for Papers Guidelines and Information

Abstract Submissions have now closed.

The theme for ACEA Conference 2019 is ‘Unlock Your Potential”. Workshops across five key streams; Youth Justice, Research, Technology/ICT, Adult Education/Indigenous Education and Vocational/Industry Training, will enable sharing and learning from each other’s experience and success.

ACEA invites you to submit a abstract that highlights one significant project or initiative that your team has developed or delivered. We are seeking especially successful, innovative programs or improvements that you wish to share with those attending the conference.

Abstract details that will be required:

Name of presenter(s) 
If there is more than one presenter, all of their names. Please provide contact details for one representative from the group
Email Address
Phone Number
Organisation / Company
Job Title / Position
Please indicate if you are a….
☐ Practitioner ☐ Academic ☐ Administrator ☐ Student
State / Province
Post Code / Zip Country

1. Presenter Biography: (150 words maximum)

This is what delegates will be able to see when choosing which session to attend. This should be a brief narrative description, not a CV / resume. 

2. Presentation Title

3. Abstract (400 words maximum)

This will be used by the selection committee to select speakers. What is the research about? (approx. 100 words) elaborate on intent and importance of researching this topic

What did I / we find out? (approx. 100 words) outline the research findings

What does finding this mean to me as the author / researcher? What does this mean to / for Corrections education practitioners and or policy makers? (approx. 100 words)

Why does the researcher think these findings are important and what would he / she want others to do arising from these findings? (approx. 100 words)

4.    Relationship to conference theme Identify which conference theme to which this presentation relates
☐ youth justice ☐ research ☐ adult education ☐ indigenous education ☐ vocation/industry training
☐ technology/ICT 

5. Presentation format Provide a brief description of the style of presentation you intend to use. For example, PowerPoint presentation, group workshop, panel discussion. 

6. Special requirements If you have any special requirements for your presentation, such as interpreter services, technology requirements, or other needs, please describe them here.